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      Roll Types and Finishes

Circle Machine Rolls, Inc. supplies a large variety of custom precision rolls and shaft configurations for a wide and diverse base of industrial applications. We are particularly skilled at supplying rolls to 60 inch plus diameter to 240 inches long.

Accumulator Backup Brake
Bridle Burr Masher Calendar
Carbide Coated Carriage Chrome Plated
Conductor Continuous Caster Converting
Conveyor Cooling Drums Deflector
Die Cylinder Driver Embossing
Feed Friction Furnace
Guide High Temp. Holddown
Idler Immersion Ironing
Laminator Leveler Looper
Paper Pinch Polishing
Pressure Pullup Quench
Rubber Covered Snubber Spreader
Squeegee Sink Support
Table Tank Tension
Urethane Covered Work Wringer
Please contact us for other roll types and finishes.
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Squeegee Rolls
Felt Roll Core
Bridle Roll Squeegee Roll Heat Transfer Roll Guide Rolls
Accumulator Rolls Chrome Plated Roll Drive Shafts Roll Journal
Sink Roll Chrome Rolls Hold Down Rolls Die Cylinder
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